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Thomas Wicker, Curator
Last update 7 July 2008

Welcome to TREP!

Statistics -- TREP Release 10, July 2008

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  • Nonredundant
  • Complete
  • Hypothetical proteins

    TREP annotations

  • Nonredundant
  • Complete
  • Hypothetical proteins

    FASTA files

  • Nonredundant
  • Complete
  • Hypothetical proteins

    BLAST against TREP

    Annotation, Classification, Naming - Please consult this information before publishing!

  • Guidelines for Annotating Wheat Genomic Sequences - from the IWGSC.
  • Classes and characteristics of plant repeat elements Updated Jul08
  • How to name, classify and annotate repeat elements
  • Registry of repeat element names
  • Alphabetical
  • By classification

    Guidelines for data submission

    Credits -- This database was created by the initiative of Dave Matthews, Thomas Wicker and Jorge Dubcovsky. The list of contributors of repeat sequences is here.

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