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AFLP MGG-263-635 2 Point Data 5AL Direct isolation of differentially expressed genes from a specific chromosome region of common wheat: application of the amplified fragment length polymorphism-based mRNA fingerprinting (AMF) method in combination with a deletion line of wheat (2000) Y. Ogihara
  PBR-119-393 Online 1A-7B Integration of AFLP markers into an RFLP-based map of durum wheat (2000) R. Tuberosa
  TAG-101-767 7B,D Mapping and validation of chromosome regions conferring boron toxicity tolerance in wheat (Triticum aestivum) (2000) S.P Jefferies
  PBR-119-87 T1BL-1RS Mapping of powdery mildew and leaf rust resistance genes on the wheat-rye translocated chromosome T1BL center dot 1RS using molecular and biochemical markers 2000) F. J. Zeller
RFLP GEN-155-361 In Progress 1DS Highly recombinogenic regions at seed storage protein loci on chromosome IDS of Aegilops tauschii, the D- genome donor of wheat (2000) Evans Lagudah
  TAG-100-519 In Progress 6A,B,D Extended physical maps and a consensus physical map of the homoeologous group-6 chromosomes of wheat (Triticum aestivum L-em Thell.)  (2000) G.E. Hart
  TAG-100-602 Online 5AL The Q locus of Iranian and European spelt wheat (2000) M.C. Luo
  TAG-101-1139 1DS NBS-LRR sequence family is associated with leaf and stripe rust resistance on the end of homoeologous chromosome group 1S of wheat (2000) Evans Lagudah
  GNM-43-191 Online 5A,B,D Physical characterization of the homoeologous Group 5 chromosomes of wheat in terms of rice linkage blocks, and physical mapping of some important genes (2000) J.W. Snape
  TAG-97-968 In Progress 5A Comparative RFLP mapping of Triticum monococcum genes controlling vernalization requirement (1998) J. Dubcovsky
  TAG-98-1163 Online 1A-7D  Genetic linkage map of a wheat x spelt cross (1999) M. M. Messmer
  TAG-94-98 RFLP mapping of resistance to chlorosis induction by Pyrenophora tritici-repentis in wheat.  (1997) J.A.Anderson
  TAG-97-220 4DS,5BL,6AL,4-6H Genetic studies of Triticeae dehydrins: assignment of seed proteins and a regulatory factor to map positions (1998) T. J. Close
  TAG-99-16 In Progress 1-7D A high-density genetic linkage map of Aegilops tauschii, the D-genome progenitor of bread wheat (1999) B. S. Gill
  TAG-98-1132 Online 1A-7D Mapping of RFLP probes characterized for their polymorphism on wheat (1999) J. M. Jacquemin
  TAG-102-177 Online 1A - 7B Molecular linkage map for an intraspecific recombinant inred population of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum) (2001) M.M. Nachit
  TAG-103-518 Online 1S - 7S Comparative genetic analysis of the Aegilops longissima and Ae. Sharonensis genomes with common wheat  K.Devos
  TAG-102-504 Online 2-point data Microsatellite markers linked to six Russian wheat aphid resistance genes in wheat
SSR GNM-43-689 Online 1D-7D Isolation and mapping of microsatellite markers specific for the D genome of bread wheat  (2000) E. Pestova
  TAG-100-1095 2 Point Data 3BS The detection and molecular mapping of a major gene for non-specific adult-plant disease resistance against stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) in wheat (2000) A. Börner
  TAG-97-946 Online 1A-7D Fifty new microsatellite loci for the wheat genetic map.  (1998) P. Stephenson
  TAG-100-686 In Progress 3A,B.D Microsatellite mapping of the induced sphaerococcoid mutation genes in Triticum aestivum (2000) E. Salina
  TAG-104-413 Online 1A-7D Genetic mapping of 66 new microsatellite (SSR) loci in bread wheat P.K. Gupta
QTL CRS-39-1728 Online 3A Molecular mapping of loci for agronomic traits on chromosome 3A of bread wheat. (1999) P. S. Baenziger
  CRS-39-805  In Progress 2AL, 3B RFLP mapping of QTL for fusarium head blight resistance in wheat.(1999) J. A. Anderson
  GNM-43-487 2B,5A,5D,7B,7D Detection of QTLs for heading time and photoperiod response in wheat using a doubled-haploid population (2000)  Michel Bernard
  MBR-5-561 In Progress 3A Mapping loci associated with milling yield in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (1999) K.J. Chalmers
  MBR-6-247 In Progress 1A,2A,B,D,4A,5A Location of genes involved in ear compactness in wheat (Triticum aestivum) by means of molecular markers (2000) Michel Bernard
  TAG-100-1167 1A,B,3B,5D,6A,D QTL analysis of bread-making quality in wheat using a doubled haploid population (2000) G. Charmet
  TAG-100-419 1A-7D Genetic analysis of durable leaf rust Genetic analysis of durable leaf rust (2000) B. Keller
  CRS-39-1184 1A,2B,D,3B,7A,B Quantitative trait loci associated with kernel traits in a soft x hard wheat cross. (1999) Kim Campbell
  TAG-97-238 7A, Mapping loci associated with flour colour in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) (1998) G. D. Parker
   TAG-98-1171 1A-7D Quantitative trait loci for lodging resistance in a segregating wheat×spelt population (1998) M. M. Messmer
Other PNA-97-13436 1AS Subgenome chromosome walking in wheat: A 450-kb physical contig in Triticum monococcum L. spans the Lr10 resistance locus in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) ( 2000) B. Keller
  TAG-99-199 5AL Physical mapping of the Vrn-A1 and Fr1 genes on chromosome 5A of wheat using deletion lines (1998) J.W. Snape
  GNM-45-706 Online 5AL Genomic targeting and high-resolution mapping of the domestication gene Q in wheat J. Faris
  MGG-244-253 Online 5AL High-resolution cytological mapping of the long arm of chromosome 5A in common wheat using a series of deletion lines induced by gametocidal (GC) genes of Aegilops speltoides Y. Ogihara
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AFLP TAG-103-415   1H-7H Molecular mapping of the Oregon Wolfe Barleys: J.M. Costa
a phenotypically polymorphic doubled-haploid population
  GEN-153-1929 1H The Mla (Powdery Mildew) Resistance Cluster Is Associated With Three NBS-LRR Gene Families and Suppressed Recombination Within a 240-kb DNA Interval on Chromosome 5S (1HS) of Barley Roger Wise
  GNM-44-284 Online 1H-7H Construction of a genetic map of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cross "Azumamugi' x "Kanto Nakate Gold' using a simple and efficient amplified fragment-length polymorphosm system Y. Mano
RFLP GNM-42-412 In Progress 1-7H Genetic and molecular characterization of barley chromosome telomeres.  (1999) A. Kleinhofs
  TAG-103-869 Online 1-7H An RFLP map of diploid Hordeum bulbosum L. and comparison with maps of barley ( H. vulgareL.) and wheat ( Triticum aestivumL.) J.D.Snape
  TAG-98-521 linkage groups Chromosome landing at the Mla locus in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) by means of high-resolution mapping with AFLP markers (1999) A. Jahoor
  BGN-30-15 In Progress 1H-7H Update of the Igri/Franka molecular marker map (2000) D. Perovic
  BGN-30-16 Online 1H-7H Construction of a barley RFLP linkage map using an F2 population erived from a cross between Ko A and Mokusekko 3 (2000) T. Konishi
  BGN-25-18 Online 1H-7H The Oregon Wolfe Barley population: A resource of barley genetics research and Instruction (Hayes, 2000) P.M. Hayes
SSR GEN-156-1997 Online 1H-7H A simple sequence repeat-based linkage map of barley (2000) Robbie Waugh
  TAG-101-652 Online 1H-7H Mapping new EMBL-derived barley microsatellites and their use in differentiating German barley cultivars (2000) K. Pillen
QTL TAG-100-881 In Progress 1H-7H Localising QTLs for leaf rust resistance and agronomic traits in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) (2000) A. Jahoor
  TAG-101-173 Online 1H-7H QTL analysis of malting quality in barley based on the doubled-haploid progeny of two elite North American varieties representing different germplasm groups (2000) P.M. Hayes
  TAG-101-580 1H-7H Mapping quantitative and qualitative disease resistance genes in a doubled haploid population of barley (Hordeum vulgare) (2000) P.M. Hayes
  TAG-99-1221 In Progress 1H-7H Does function follow form? Principal QTLs for Fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance are coincident with QTLs for inflorescence traits and plant height in a doubled-haploid population of barley (1999) P.M. Hayes
  web link 1H-7H Shiry x Galena Mapping Population P.M. Hayes
  TAG-96-1205 In Progress 1H-7H Identification of QTLs for partial resistance to leaf rust (Puccinia hordei) in barley. (1998) Xiaoquan Qi
  BGN-30-32 3H,5H,7H QTL analysis for interspecific crossability between Hordeum bulbosum and H. vulgare ( 2000) H. Salvo
  PHY-70-1079 In Progress 1H-7H Mapping of quantitative trait loci for Fusarium head blight resistance in barley N.Lapiton
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RFLP TAG-97-1279 1R-7R A consensus linkage map of rye (Secale cereale L.) including 374 RFLPs, 24 isozymes and 15 gene loci. (1998) A. Börner
  TAG-102-517 Online 1R-7R Molecular linkage mapping in rye (Secale cereale L.) (2001) J.P.Gustafson
  TAG-102-709 Online 1R-7R A genetic map of rye ( Secale cereale L.) combining RFLP, isozyme, protein, microsatellite and gene loci A. Börner  
  TAG-103-70 In Progress 4R, 6R, 7R Linkage mapping of mutant loci in rye (Secale cereale L.) (2001) A. Börner
RAPD TAG-102-1273 Online 1R-7R Extending a RFLP-based genetic map of rye using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and isozyme markers Masojc, P
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AFLP GNM-43-736 Online Linkage A-G An anchored AFLP- and retrotransposon-based map of diploid Avena (2000) R.P. Wise
  GNM-43-94 Online - KxO/AFLP 30? Linkage grps Combined AFLP and RFLP mapping in two hexaploid oat recombinant inbred populations (2000) L.L. Domier
  GNM-43-94 Online - CxI 30? Linkage grps Combined AFLP and RFLP mapping in two hexaploid oat recombinant inbred populations (2000) L.L. Domier
  TAG-102-876 1 - 37 Comparative AFLP mapping in two hexaploid oat populations R.L.Phillips
  GNM-46-28 Online 29 Linkage Groups A molecular marker map in 'Kanota' x 'Ogle' hexaploid oat (Avena sp.) enhanced by additional markers and a robust framework C.Wight
RFLP GNM-44-192 In Progress A restriction fragment length polymorphism based linkage map of a diploid Avena recombinant inbred line population Holland
  GNM-44-249 Online   A linkage map of hexaploid oat based on grass anchor DNA clones and its relationship to other oat maps Holland