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[TXT]Literature on Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat.html30-Sep-2003 10:53 107K 
[TXT]Nomenclature of Biochemical and Molecular Loci in Wheat.html30-Sep-2003 10:52 12K 
[TXT]PCR primers for published probes.html30-Sep-2003 10:52 24K 
[TXT]Report from 1996 ITMI Workshop in Sydney Australia.html30-Sep-2003 10:51 16K 
[TXT]Reserved Laboratory Designators for DNA Clones, Primers and Markers.html20-Oct-2003 15:41 479  
[DIR]Stripe rust in North America, 1968-87/20-Oct-2003 16:05 -  
[TXT]Wheat aneuploid types.html30-Sep-2003 10:48 9.3K 
[TXT]Wheat traits.html30-Sep-2003 10:47 31K 

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