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Advanced Queries

Advanced Queries

GrainGenes-SQL offers several advanced modes for searching the MySQL database.

Field-based Search

Search by the value of a field or combination of fields. The result is a list of the matching records, for viewing in full individually. Currently the Field-based Search is available only for the Gene and Sequence data classes.

SQL Interface

Enter raw SQL "select .. from .. where .." queries directly. Some examples are provided, along with access to the GrainGenes schema. The Quick Queries are implemented using this interface, and represent an additional set of examples. The result is a table of the selected fields, which may be downloaded as tab-delimited text.

Batch SQL Interface

As above, but then enter a list of arguments to the "where .." part of the query.

Batch Query to get Sequences in FASTA Format

Enter a list of sequence names or accessions to get the sequences in FASTA format.

Batch Query to get all FASTA Sequences for a list of Probes

Enter a list of probe names to get the corresponding sequences in FASTA format.

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