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Barley SNP Database
SNPs in Affymetrix Barley Contigs (ABCs), with map positions.

Global Rust Initiative
Addressing the threat of stem rust race Ug99. For more information see the Rust Diseases page with links to other sites.

Oat Pedigrees Online!
A new database resource called POOL (Pedigree of Oat Lines) is available at More information may be found in the publication from Tinker and Deyl (Crop Science 2005, 45:2269-2272) describing the resource; at present there are over 16,000 germplasm records maintained, and data may be viewed online or downloaded in Peditree format.

Plant Genomes Central at NCBI
NCBI is making some of the GrainGenes maps of wheat and barley available using their Map Viewer interface, which is especially good for comparing maps side by side and for highlighting markers that have been sequenced.

A Tribute to Ernie and Lotti Sears
Ernie Sears is regarded by many as the "father of wheat cytogenetics".
This tribute was published to accompany the dedication of the Sears Plant Growth Facility at the University of Missouri.

A Comparative Mapping Resource for Grains.

Wheat applied genomics
This site includes protocols for marker assisted selection, papers, collaborators and links.

Western Wheat Quality Laboratory
This site supporting the ARS-USDA Western Wheat Quality Laboratory includes a virtual tour of the laboratory, a description of the Wheat Analysis System (WAS), a Purindoline Genotype Database and much more.

Wheat Pedigree and Identified Alleles of Genes OnLine
A collaboration between the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Czech Research Institute of Crop Production, this site contains genealogies and identified alleles of genes of 69,632 wheat accessions according to 2,529 information sources.

An Integrated Wheat Science Database.
Komugi has an electronic version of the Wheat Gene Catalogue online, and provides a query interface for gene symbols and markers.

Mapped ESTs from the US NSF wheat EST project.
16,000 EST loci mapped in Chinese Spring deletion lines.
For additional ways to view and search the map, see our What's New page.

Wheat: The Big Picture
This website describes the life cycle of wheat from germination to harvest.
This site has something for everyone and is loaded with beautiful photos of wheat development that users are encouraged to download and use for free. Enjoy!

A community resource for plant and plant-pathogen microarrays.

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