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IWGSC Whole Genome Assembly now available to the scientific community

The IWGSC is pleased to announce that the Genome Assembly (IWGSC WGA) of bread wheat, *T. aestivum* cv Chinese Spring (ERGE 2135), based on Illumina short sequence reads assembled with NRGene's DeNovoMAGICTM software is now available at the IWGSC sequence repository hosted by URGI-INRA.

A BLAST server has been set up to facilitate rapid access to single or small numbers of queries. The data can also be downloaded from the URGI IWGSC repository.

Pre-publication access to barley RefSeq v1.0

As a service to the Triticeae research community, the International Barley genome Sequencing Consortium (IBSC) is providing pre-publication access to a physical map-minimum tiling path based reference sequence (RefSeq v.1.0) assembly of the spring barley reference genotype 'Morex'. IBSC is in the process of preparing to publish the data within this year.

Wheat Gene Expression Atlas

We would like to introduce where you can easily visualise and explore the homoeologue-specific expression patterns of your wheat genes of interest. We have added > 400 publicly available RNA-seq samples to an expression browser which can be dynamically filtered and sorted according to tissue, developmental stage, disease, abiotic stress and variety.


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