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US Federal Register notice: Movement of Organisms Modified or Produced Through Genetic Engineering

[Note: Five new rules as to the nature, size, and number of mutations in plants are being proposed to reduce regulatory burden. The public is asked to provide comments.]

AGENCY: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, USDA.


We are advising the public that we are proposing to add five new types of genetic modifications a plant can contain and be exempt from the regulations for the movement of organisms modified or produced through genetic engineering because such modifications could otherwise be achieved through conventional breeding methods.

Morex V3 mapped barley spike transcriptome in ePlant browser

[Provided by Ravi Koppolu; edited and posted on Oct 31, 2023]

Here is an update about the barley spike transcriptome atlas which has been published in 2021 Sci. Adv. 2021 from Prof. Schnurbusch lab at IPK.

As part of the published paper from 2021 Ravi Koppolu and Thorsten Schnurbusch have integrated the transcriptome data based on Morex v1 transcript reference in barley ePlant browser (BAR, Uni. Toronto, Canada).


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