GrainGenes - CMap

CMap is the official map display for the GrainGenes database, GrainGenes SQL. It allows the maps to be compared side by side.

Figure 1. Aligned maps from a spring wheat nested-association mapping (NAM) population with drought-tolerant Berkut as the common parent (Jordon et al. 2018).

Data Resources

Currently GrainGenes CMap includes two Data Sources:

Data Source GrainGenes contains the most updated set of maps that also includes the ACEDB map display in GrainGenes Classic. Data Source Wheat Composite contains the composite wheat map compiled by Rudi Appels, integrating twelve maps and 3700 loci. Nine of the component maps are also included so you can line them up next to the composite map and see the differences in marker order that exist. This is the same process Rudi is using to build and refine the composite map.

CMap Tutorials

CMap was originally written by the Gramene team before it became part of the GMOD project (Youens-Clark et al.). An extensive how-to guide for installing and configuring CMap is written by Ben Faga (Faga 2007). The following CMap tutorial can be a great place to start learning how to use CMap: Online Tutorial at Gramene. The following page covers important concepts used in CMap: CMap Concepts Help Page at Gramene.


If you questions or comments, you can contact the GrainGenes team using the Feedback button on the top corner of the page.