GrainGenes Updates

July 2019: 197 Wheat Gene Catalog QTL now in GrainGenes

As of July 2019, all 197 QTL in the Catalog of Gene Symbols for Wheat (WGC), including Supplements through 2017 have been curated and added to GrainGenes. Some existing QTL were updated for germplasm, statistics and significant markers. For links to the WGC at Komugi, see the reference files for the QTL, or Click Here to visit the Komugi 'Catalogue of Gene Symbols Class list.

February - April 2019: Durum QTL added to GrainGenes

The Durum cv. Svevo Browser includes a QTL track with ~2100 encoded quantitative trait loci with abundant primary curation (i.e. references, traits, significant markers, and population information). At GrainGenes, these QTL are undergoing a 'secondary curation' after reviewing the primary reference.  The encoded QTL are linked to synonyms that are created to align with original names if possible, or with GrainGenes QTL nomenclature (i.e.

February 2019: Durum Wheat (cv. Svevo) RefSeq Release 1.0 is available at GrainGenes

In collaboration with the International Durum Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium, GrainGenes is releasing the Durum Wheat (cv. Svevo) RefSeq Rel. 1.0 and its annotations.

The manuscript for the Svevo genome reference is accepted for publication in Nature Genetics. Please cite the manuscript for your publications.

October 2018: Spring Wheat Nested Association (NAM) Maps are in GrainGenes.

The Spring Wheat Nested Association Mapping (NAM) population based on 2100 recombinant inbred lines from 28 families was used to construct 588 chromosome-specific genetic maps. With each population reporting ~50,000 markers, this work contributes ~1,400,000 markers to the GrainGenes collection. Many of these markers were previously entered as probes / sequences for the IWA and IWB marker collection. GrainGenes curators will be working in the coming weeks to connect these markers and fill in the data for new markers.

September 2018: Germplasm from the Global Tetraploid Wheat Collection added to GrainGenes and WheatIS

1872 germplasm records were added or updated in GrainGenes and WheatIS representing the Global Tetraploid Wheat Collection. Collection and/or development data is included and accessions are linked to GRIN when possible.
These accessions include Triticum turgidum ssp. durum, dicoccum, dicoccon, turanicum, polonicum, carthlicum, dicoccoides, aethiopicum, petropavlovskyi, ispahanicum, and karamyschevii.