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February 2018: The Three-Pistil (Pis1) QTL in Wheat

A map for the QTL containing the three-pistil gene (Pis1) recently published by Yang et al (2017) BMC Genomics 18:567, including 127 predicted protein-coding genes flanked by KASP markers has been added to GrainGenes. The Pis1 gene is expressed in the mutant line CM28TP originating from Chuanmai 28, directing the plant to produce three seeds where normal wheat produces one seed. The causative gene for this mutation has not been identified yet, but the QTL contains 10 loci that are candidate genes for this trait. This lays the groundwork for map-based cloning of the Pis1 Gene.

December 2017: Aegilops umbellulata 2017 Consensus Maps

The high-density consensus map consists of both markers with known genetic map position and SNP markers placed on the linkage maps using minimum recombination frequency values. Two F2 Ae. umbellulata populations were used for linkage map construction. The first consisted of 140 F2 individuals that were derived from a cross made between two accessions of Ae. umbellulata: PI 298905, from Manisa, Turkey, and resistant to wheat stem rust pathogen P. graminis f. sp. tritici race TTTTF (isolate 01MN84A-1-2), and PI 542369, from Usak, Turkey, and susceptible to race TTTTF.

December 2017: GrainGenes QTLs can be searched at WheatIS

Wheat Information System (WheatIS) operating under the Wheat Initiative is a platform that provides a single-access site to wheat data distributed at different databases. GrainGenes created a WheatIS node, and made wheat QTL data searcahble through the WheatIS site at URGI:

Posted on: December 15, 2017

May 2017: Wild Emmer Wheat (genotype Zavitan) assembly and annotations are available to BLAST at GrainGenes

In collaboration with the International Wild Emmer Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium, GrainGenes is providing pre-publication BLAST service for the Wild Emmer Genome Assembly (Zavitan WEWSeq v.1.0).

For further information, please go to:
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January 2017: MAS Wheat Data Added

Information on markers for disease resistance, agronomic, and processing quality traits from the UC Davis MAS Wheat website ( has been added to the GrainGenes database. This data includes genes, loci, QTLs, markers and PCR probes. Several new genetic maps of these markers are viewable in our CMap map viewer. This data is helpful to wheat researchers and breeders who wish to use marker-assisted selection for these traits.

January 2017: NSGC Durum Wheat Stem Rust genotype and phenotype data are available

Phenotype and mapping data from a genome-wide association study of stem rust resistance in durum wheat are available in the GrainGenes database prior to publication. A panel of 429 lines from the National Small Grains Collection were used in the study to evaluate the genetic diversity of durum wheat resistance to a variety of stem rust races. Several quantitative trait loci for seedling stage and adult plant resistance to a collection of stem rust races were identified. A number of the QTL are potentially novel genes. The paper by Shiaoman Chao, Matthew N.

November 2016: A new twitter feed section and a Facebook page

GrainGenes front page has now a new twitter feed section coming from @graingenes ( We also created a new Facebook page ( Both of which, we hope, will allow us to connect directly with our users and share items that will be of interest for small grains researchers.

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