GrainGenes Updates

January 2017: MAS Wheat Data Added

Information on markers for disease resistance, agronomic, and processing quality traits from the UC Davis MAS Wheat website ( has been added to the GrainGenes database. This data includes genes, loci, QTLs, markers and PCR probes. Several new genetic maps of these markers are viewable in our CMap map viewer. This data is helpful to wheat researchers and breeders who wish to use marker-assisted selection for these traits.

January 2017: NSGC Durum Wheat Stem Rust genotype and phenotype data are available

Phenotype and mapping data from a genome-wide association study of stem rust resistance in durum wheat are available in the GrainGenes database prior to publication. A panel of 429 lines from the National Small Grains Collection were used in the study to evaluate the genetic diversity of durum wheat resistance to a variety of stem rust races. Several quantitative trait loci for seedling stage and adult plant resistance to a collection of stem rust races were identified. A number of the QTL are potentially novel genes. The paper by Shiaoman Chao, Matthew N.

November 2016: A new twitter feed section and a Facebook page

GrainGenes front page has now a new twitter feed section coming from @graingenes ( We also created a new Facebook page ( Both of which, we hope, will allow us to connect directly with our users and share items that will be of interest for small grains researchers.

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September 2016: You can now contact us using the "Feedback" button located on the top right corner.

As the GrainGenes team, we'd like to make sure that GrainGenes remains useful to small grains researchers. Let us know how we can improve GrainGenes to help your research needs. Contact us when you see a broken link; you want your data displayed at GrainGenes; or you'd like to see some new features on our site.

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