Pre-publication access to barley RefSeq v1.0

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As a service to the Triticeae research community, the International Barley genome Sequencing Consortium (IBSC) is providing pre-publication access to a physical map-minimum tiling path based reference sequence (RefSeq v.1.0) assembly of the spring barley reference genotype 'Morex'. IBSC is in the process of preparing to publish the data within this year.

This dataset is being made accessible on registration basis at the following URL: With the registration you acknowledge to use the provided information only under the specified terms and rules. Please note that the following analyses are under embargo with first right to publish by IBSC and the respective data owners:

  • publication of the 'Morex'-reference sequence assembly
  • description of the sequence-based genome structure
  • whole genome annotation
  • global comparative analysis to other genomes
  • gene-family analysis

We hope that this prepublication access will allow the research community to accelerate barley research.

Best regards.
Nils Stein on behalf of all data owners and IBSC
Dr. Nils Stein