PanOat: the oat pangenome project

1. About PanOat

PanOat is a pan-genome project for oat. Several labs from around the world are working towards constructing and analysing annotated chromosome-scale reference genome sequences for 29 diverse oat genotypes.

PanOat focusses mainly on hexaploid Avena sativa, but also includes diploid and tetraploid Avena progenitors and relatives.

The analysis goals of PanOat include:

  • characterization of core gene sets,

  • identifying lineage-specific genes,

  • cataloguing structural variation in wild and domesticated oats,

  • accumulating comparative sequence information for use in agronomic and quality trait mapping,

  • evolutionary genomic analyses to understand the origin and evolution of oat.

The project is coordinated by Martin Mascher.

2. Members

  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

    Researchers: Nick Tinker, Wubishet Bekele, Yong-Bi Fu

  • Aberystwyth University

    Researchers: Tim Langdon, Catherine Howarth

  • Brigham Young University

    Researchers: Rick Jellen, Jeff Maughan

  • General Mills, Inc.

    Researchers: Steve Eichten

  • Helmholtz Zentrum München: German Research Center for Environmental Health

    Researchers: Manuel Spannagl

  • Julius Kühn-Institut - German Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants

    Researchers: Matthias Herrmann

  • Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) Gatersleben

    Researchers: Martin Mascher, Nils Stein

  • McGill University

    Researchers: Jaswinder Singh

  • Murdoch University

    Researchers: Chengdao Li, Penghao Wang

  • Natural Resources Institute Finland

    Researchers: Lidija Bitz, Oliver Bitz, Alan Schulman

  • PepsiCo, Inc.

    Researchers: Mandy Waters

  • ScanOats

    Researchers: Sofia Marmon, Nick Sirijovski

  • Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

    Researchers: Elena Prats

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)

    Researchers: Bruno Studer

  • United States Department of Agriculture

    Researchers: Jason Fiedler, Jean-Luc Jannink, Kathy Klos, Raj Nandety, Taner Sen

  • Université Laval

    Researchers: Brian Boyle

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Researchers: Jessica Schlueter, Robert Reid

  • University of Life Sciences in Lublin

    Researchers: Edyta Paczos-Grzęda

  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

    Researchers: Julio Isidro y Sanchez