December 2023: Added AlphaFold linked proteins to select organisms

We created tracks with Alphafold-linked proteins for selected genome browsers allowing for links to predicted 3D structures.

Publication: Jumper et al. Nature (2021) - "The AlphaFold Protein Structure Database is available through EMBL-EBI"

In those select browsers, you will find the following protein track:

The following organisms contain protein tracks with AlphaFold links:

Chinese Spring IWGSC v1Durum WheatAegilops v4Triticum urartuBarley Morex v3Oat Sang


The Proteins with AlphaFold links track:



In Feature Details, the AlphaFold links will appear in protein details dialog box.  The link will also be available in the genes tracks in Feature Details.

Clicking the links will send you to the predicted AlphaFold page: