Barley Boulevard

'Boulevard Montmartre at Night'<br>Camille Pissarro, 1897

'Boulevard Montmartre at Night', Camille Pissarro, 1897

A Shortcut to Barley Information in GrainGenes and Elsewhere

Quick Barley Queries in GrainGenes
Barley Markers Barley Markers
GrainGenes Interactive Maps Derived from Barley Mapped on Barley Germplasm
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Abstracts/Short Talks/Posters from Barley Conferences

International Barley Genetics Symposium (IBGS) 2016 in Minneapolis, USA. Abstracts/Short Talks/Posters (368 pages)
IInternational Barley Genetics Symposium (IBGS) 2004 in Brno, Czech Republic.

Barley Web Resources

Barley Genetic Stocks AceDB Database Genetic information on morphological barley mutants and their genetic background, Nordic Gene Bank.
Barley CAP Barley Coordinated Agricultural Project, USDA-ARS
BarleyDB full-length cDNAs, ESTs, images from Okayama University
BarleyDB at UKCropnet ACeDB database
Barley QTL Community Curation Workbook spreadsheet of curated barley QTLs in GrainGenes and templates for data submission
Barley SNP Database tool developed by SCRI to mine snps in ests
Crop EST Database (CR-EST) The IPK Crop EST Database
The European Barley Database germplasm accessions
Germinate 2.0 from SCRI schema now available for download
Gramene a comparative database for the grasses
Hordeum vulgare page at GRIN Germplasm accessions and seed ordering information
HarvEST Barley downloadable software for EST viewing, comparative genomics and more
Intl Barley Sequencing Consortium
Michigan State University Extension page on malting barley coordinated by Ashley McFarland
NCBI's Barley Genome View
Oregon Wolfe Barley Image Gallery, Interactive Maps, Data Hub for OWB Maps on GrainGenes
Plant Expression Database PLEXdb gene expression including barley Affychip data via BarleyBase
Transposon Mediated Functional Genomics in Barley targeted mutagenesis with maize transposons.
UNcleProt (Universal Nuclear Protein database of barley) at the Institute of Experimental Botany in Czech Republic
U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative

Barley Researchers Web Sites

Phil Bregitzer at USDA-ARS, Aberdeen, ID
Tim Close at UC Riverside with links to software developed in his lab
Pat Hayes' BarleyWorld at Oregon State University
Peggy Lemaux at University of California, Berkeley
Peter Morrell at the University of Minnesota
Dolores "Do" Mornhinweg at USDA-ARS, Stillwater, OK
Gary Muehlbauer at the University of Minnesota
Don Obert at Limagrain
Oregon State Cereals Extension Barley information page
Okayama University Barley Germplasm Center
Jamie Sherman at Montana State University
Kevin Smith at the University of Minnesota
Brian Steffenson at the University of Minnesota
Roger Wise at Iowa State University
Steve Ullrich at Washington State University

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Barley Meetings

Visit GrainGenes Main Calendar Page for a list of all meeting announcements

Newsletters and Other Publications

Barley Genetics Newsletter
Barley Newsletter


American Malting Barley Association (AMBA)
Idaho Barley Commission
Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture barley guide
Montana Wheat and Barley Committee
North Dakota Barley Council
Washington Grain Alliance

General Interest

Barley on Wikipedia
Barley as a cover crop on the UC SAREP Online Cover Crop Database
BarleyFoods from the National Barley Foods Council. Includes food products, nutritional information and recipes.

University Sites

Cornell University
Michigan State University
North Dakota State University
Pennsylvania State University
University of Idaho
University of Minnesota
University of Vermont
University of Wyoming

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