3rd International Wheat Congress, 2024 in Perth, Australia

[Updated on June 21, 2023]

22 - 27 September 2024
Perth, Western Australia
The International Wheat Congress (IWC) is a prestigious biennial event that begun in July 2019 in Saskatoon, Canada. It serves as an important gathering for the global wheat community, providing a platform for leading experts, researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals to discuss advancements in the field of wheat breeding, genetics, genomics, and agronomy. The upcoming edition of the conference, scheduled for September 22-27, 2024, will be organised by the Centre for Crop & Food Innovation, Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.

The 3rd IWC will be held at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC), in Perth, Western Australia. Being one of the largest wheat-producing states in Australia, Western Australia contributes significantly to the global wheat market. The region's expertise and experience in wheat cultivation make it an ideal location to host such a prominent conference.

This Congress will provide a platform for researchers to present their findings, share insights, and exchange ideas, which can contribute to enhancing the sustainability and resilience of wheat production systems. Policymakers and industry professionals attending the event will be kept updated on the latest trends and innovations in the wheat industry, fostering collaboration and driving advancements in the field.

National Chair:
Prof. Rajeev Varshney FRS
Director, WA State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre;
Director, Centre for Crop & Food Innovation, &
International Chair in Agriculture & Food Security
Murdoch University,
90 South St, Murdoch, WA 6150
E-mail: iwc2024.organizers@gmail.com
[Updated on May 7, 2023]


Online link to the conference website will be available later.

[Updated May 19, 2021]

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday it was announced that Adelaide has been selected to host the International Wheat Congress (IWC) in 2024 (see: https://www.adelaide.edu.au/newsroom/news/list/2021/05/18/sa-to-host-glo... and https://www.wheatinitiative.org/press-releases/wheats-up-in-south-austra...). We look forward to welcoming you all and many, many others to this wonderful city in Australia.

With the planned congress date approximately 3 years away (September ‘24), we are going ahead confident that the international situation related to CoVID-19 will have significantly improved and that we will be able to welcome >1000 delegates from around the globe to the congress in Adelaide – physically!

The congress will be a week in duration (or more for those that choose to stay longer and explore what wonderful experiences South Australia has to offer) of cutting edge science that spans the wheat sector (from seed to plate – or bottle J), industry engagement (growers to end-users), field tours, cultural activities, networking – and of course excellent socialising with great local food and beverage.

Stay tuned for further information as we work towards developing a website in time.

While it is early days, there is much to do, and so Tim and I welcome any expressions of interest from those in the wheat community that would like to be considered as part of the local organising committee (LOC). Given that it is local, this is limited to those within Australia (but will span the entire sector).

We are particularly keen to hear from any ‘early career’ individuals (<35 years of age) to make sure that they are well represented. We plan to have the LOC in place by August/September 2021, so if you are keen or if you know of someone that would like to take up this challenge, please reach out to us. Our contact details are below.

In time, we will also be formulating the International Organising Committee (IOC) and news will be posted regarding this, on the website.

Please forward as you see fit to your own networks so that the message is distributed far and wide, noting that email overlap will inevitably occur!

Best wishes,
Jason (University of Adelaide, jason.able@adelaide.edu.au) & Tim (SARDI & University of Adelaide, tim.sutton@sa.gov.au)
Co-Chairs IWC 2024 – Adelaide – Australia


Sep 22 2024 to Sep 27 2024