Community Notice – Some applications will not be available in GrainGenes for security updates

Dear GrainGenes Users,

When we were performing regular testing of GrainGenes IT systems, we identified an IT security issue that needed to be addressed immediately. The issue affected the following applications in GrainGenes:
1. GSP: Genome Specific Primers,
2. RJPrimers,
3. BatchPrimer3

Until further notice, these applications won’t be available publicly. We have been working on identifying the origin of the issue and fully resolving it. We have also started a much-needed containerization of these applications, which will enhance the IT security further. Unfortunately, we do not currently have an estimated time of delivery, but we expect the conversion will take several weeks.

We apologize for the inconvenience. For inquiries, please contact Taner Sen at

Thank you for your understanding and continuing support of GrainGenes.