December 2023: KASP primers added to GrainGenes Probes.

GrainGenes is working to provide a resource to reflect the growing collection of KASP primer sets developed to distinguish allele states of important traits in the small grains.

Below is a working list of papers curated for KASP primer sets and their associated loci and QTL. As with all data in GrainGenes, links to all probe (KASP primers), locus, and QTL records can be found within the reference report. Check back often for new additions to curated papers and please suggest important papers for your work at the GrainGenes Site Feedback page.

December 29, 2023
TAG-136:69 Identification and validation of quantitative trait loci for fertile spikelet number per spike and grain number per fertile spikelet in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
TAG-136:52 Quantitative trait loci for rolled leaf in a wheat EMS mutant from Jagger.
TAG-136:1 Mapping and characterization of a novel adult-plant leaf rust resistance gene LrYang16G216 via bulked segregant analysis and conventional linkage method
TAG-133-2897 Genome-wide association analysis of stem water-soluble carbohydrate content in bread wheat.
TAG-132-3177 Mapping and characterization of two stem rust resistance genes derived from cultivated emmer wheat accession PI 193883.
TPG-15:e20193 Chromosome-specific KASP markers for detecting Amblyopyrum muticum segments in wheat introgression lines.

November 21, 2023
TPG-15:e20193 498 KASP. Chromosome-specific KASP markers for detecting Amblyopyrum muticum segments in wheat introgression lines.
TCJ-11-549 10 KASP. Identification of KASP markers and putative genes for pre-harvest sprouting resistance in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
GNS-14:373 2 KASP. Screening Spring Wheat Genotypes for TaDreb-B1 and Fehw3 Genes under Severe Drought Stress at the Germination Stage Using KASP Technology
PLO-14:e0218562 85 KASP. Genetic diversity and linkage disequilibrium using SNP (KASP) and AFLP markers in a worldwide durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var durum) collection
CRS-61-490 24 KASP. Development of KASP markers for wheat greenbug resistance gene Gb5
TAG-130-1867 4 KASP. Development and validation of KASP markers for the greenbug resistance gene Gb7 and the Hessian fly resistance gene H32 in wheat

November 10, 2023
TAG-133-3381 1 KASP set. A novel, validated, and plant height-independent QTL for spike extension length is associated with yield-related traits in wheat
TAG-133-2927 6 KASP. The Hessian fly recessive resistance gene h4 mapped to chromosome 1A of the wheat cultivar 'Java' using genotyping-by-sequencing
TAG-132-907 11 KASP. A wheat protein kinase gene TaSnRK2.9-5A associated with yield contributing traits
TAG-131-41 18 KASP. Rapid identification of an adult plant stripe rust resistance gene in hexaploid wheat by high-throughput SNP array genotyping of pooled extremes

November 1, 2023
TAG-135-2725 14 KASP, 15 SSR. Identification and characterization of the novel leaf rust resistance gene Lr81 in wheat
TAG-135-257 12 KASP. Genetic dissection of quantitative trait loci for grain size and weight by high-resolution genetic mapping in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).
TAG-134-3951 12 KASP. Precise mapping of QTL for Hessian fly resistance in the hard winter wheat cultivar ‘Overland’
TAG-134-3625 3 KASP. Identification and validation of two major QTLs for spike compactness and length in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) showing pleiotropic effects on yield-related traits
TAG-134-993 23 KASP. Characterization of wheat curl mite resistance gene Cmc4 in OK05312

October 2023
TAG-136:190 1 KASP. Identification of KASP markers and candidate genes for drought tolerance in wheat using 90K SNP array genotyping of near-isogenic lines targeting a 4BS quantitative trait locus
TAG-135-2247 3 KASP, 82 QTL. Genetic architecture of fusarium head blight disease resistance and associated traits in Nordic spring wheat
TAG-133-2183 11 KASP. Development and deployment of KASP markers for multiple alleles of Lr34 in wheat
TAG-129-1843 70 KASP. Development and validation of KASP assays for genes underpinning key economic traits in bread wheat.
FGN-12:684702 16 KASP. Development and Exploitation of KASP Assays for Genes Underpinning Drought Tolerance Among Wheat Cultivars From Pakistan.