July 2020: Dormancy gene classes curated from Wheat Gene Catalog

The following gene classes have been added to, or updated at GrainGenes based on the information in the Wheat Gene Catalogue (WGC). This includes all genes, along with any associated alleles, references, loci, germplasm sources etc.
GrainGenes maintains an Ongoing List of genes curated from the WGC.
For more information on the Wheat Gene Catalogue, please visit the GrainGenes Wheat Gene Catalogue Main Page
A representation of the WGC is available at Komugi the Wheat Genetics Resources Database from the National BioResource Project of Japan.

Pre-harvest Sprouting genes at Komugi

  • Pre-harvest Sprouting gene class
  • Germination Index genes at Komugi

  • Germination Index gene class

    Vivipary genes at Komugi

  • Vivipary gene class