June 2021 Glaucousness Gene Class curated from the Wheat Gene Catalogue

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Glaucousness is the visual expression of waxiness on the leaves and stem, and is the preferred term. Plants may be either 'waxy, glaucous' (the normal situation), 'waxy, non-glaucous' (e.g., Mentana), or 'low-wax, non-glaucous' (e.g., AUS 2598). The expression of glaucousness depends on the arrangement of wax deposits rather than the amount of wax (Johnson et al., 1983).
Note that these genes are different from those responsible for waxy endosperm characteristics, which are in the Waxy proteins gene class.

Glaucousness Gene Class
Link to Glaucousness genes at Komugi

Glaucousness Genes and Alleles: