March 2021: Gibberellic Acid Insensitivity Genes curated from the Wheat Gene Catalogue

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The following gene class has been updated at GrainGenes, based on the information in the Wheat Gene Catalogue (WGC). This includes all genes, along with any associated alleles, references, loci and germplasm sources.
The development of dwarf and semi-dwarf wheat cultivars was an important factor in the so-called ‘green revolution’ of the 1960s and 1970s. The new varieties are shorter, increase grain yield at the expense of straw biomass, and are more resistant to damage by wind and rain. These wheats are short because they respond abnormally to the plant growth hormone gibberellin (Peng et al., 1999). This gene class details early research into the gibberellin-insensitive genes of wheat.

Gibberellic Acid Response (insensitivity) Genes at Komugi