Morex V3 mapped barley spike transcriptome in ePlant browser

[Provided by Ravi Koppolu; edited and posted on Oct 31, 2023]

Here is an update about the barley spike transcriptome atlas which has been published in 2021 Sci. Adv. 2021 from Prof. Schnurbusch lab at IPK.

As part of the published paper from 2021 Ravi Koppolu and Thorsten Schnurbusch have integrated the transcriptome data based on Morex v1 transcript reference in barley ePlant browser (BAR, Uni. Toronto, Canada).

Since Morex V3 reference has been available for a while, we have remapped our spike transcriptome data with Morex V3 reference and integrated the same into barley ePlant browser.

The barley ePlant now has transcriptome visualizations for both V1 and V3 data sets. These data sets can be accessed under following URLs

V3 data
Legacy version (published V1 data)

GrainGenes barley genome browsers provide links to the ePlant Browsers from the high-confidence gene models:
Barley Morex v3:
Barley Morex v1: