October 2020: 5 New Oat Map Sets

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Five new mapping sets for oat have been added to the GrainGenes collection of genetic maps. Many thanks to Charlene Wight at AAFC for precurating these map sets.

  • Oat-2020-Pc98 maps Pc98 with 20 new KASP probes from Zhao et al.. Chromosomal location of the crown rust resistance gene Pc98 in cultivated oat (Avena sativa L.). TAG 133:1109
  • Oat-2018-Pc_PI258731 maps a new Pc gene with 7 new KASP markers in Avena striigosa from Rines et al. Identification, introgression, and molecular marker genetic analysis and selection of a highly effective novel oat crown rust resistance from diploid oat, Avena strigosa. TAG 131:721
  • Oat-2011-SwanxPc68 maps Pc68 in CAV 4904 (A. sterilis) from Satheeskumar et al. Genetic association of crown rust resistance gene Pc68, storage protein loci, and resistance gene analogues in oats. Genome 54:484
  • Oat-2010-U8xPc68 maps Pc68 (the IT locus) from Kulcheski et al. Molecular mapping of Pc68, a crown rust resistance gene in Avena sativa. Euphytica 175:423
  • Oat-1970-490xRod links Pg4 and pg13 from McKenzie et al. Inheritance of oat stem rust resistance in a Tunisian strain of Avena sterilis. Can J Gen Cyt 12:501

For all recent oat genetic maps added to GrainGenes, see the Oat Mapathon Progress page.