The Wheat Genome book is out

[Posted on November 20, 2023]

Dear IWGSC Members and Friends,

We are very pleased to announce that the first comprehensive book about the Wheat Genome is now out and available in open access.

You can read or download The Wheat Genome book here:

Edited by Rudy Appels, Kellye Eversole, Catherine Feuillet and Dusti Gallagher, the Wheat Genome book highlights the groundbreaking research ongoing for wheat – a critical food security crop. It illustrates the value and impact of having high-quality reference genomes for overall crop improvements that address the dual challenges of producing a reliable, safe, and sustainable supply of wheat while facing a rapidly changing climate.

The book includes articles describing the development of the reference sequence, new assemblies of commercial varieties, genome-wide studies, and the accelerated cloning of agronomically important genes and provides valuable resources and literature for fundamental and applied research, crop improvement and teaching.

A huge thank you to all the IWGSC members who contributed insights and co-authors chapters in the book.

The IWGSC Team