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The website of the Global Fusarium Initiative (GFI), a platform for international collaboration on Fusarium head blight.

WIRE, the Wheat Information REsource

The site for an NSF-supported wheat mutagenesis project, using the DEALING (DEtecting Adduct Lesions IN the Genome) technology. The project and the site are still new, but there are diamonds here already. Try the Sequence Manipulation Suite:

Physical Mapping of the Barley Genome

This database of Hordeum vulgare cv. Morex BAC contigs, assembled via FPC, currently contains 22,000 clones assembled in 2300 contigs, corresponding to about 1/3 of the barley gene space. Data on thousands of markers (cDNAs, gene fragments and overgo probes) mapped to the BAC clones will be added soon.


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