PepsiCo OT3098 Oat Project Data Download

Important Announcement: Version 2 of the oat OT3098 reference assembly is currently underway. This new version will include gap filling as well as reorientation/flipping of some chromosomes. A novel orientation scheme was agreed upon by the oat community after v1 of OT3098 was made available. The chromosome names and structure are correct, but the positions will change for a subset of the chromosomes because we will invert/flip the entire chromosome. Following this chromosome orientation will allow current and future A. sativa assemblies to have consistent nomenclature.


Here, please find the assembly and annotations for the OT3098 oat genome provided to the public by PepsiCo.

These data are being made freely available for research and improvement of Avena. If you use these resources please cite "Avena sativa – OT3098 v1, PepsiCo,”.

You can reach the OT3098 genome browser here: OT3098 Genome Browser

Please contact Amanda Waters ( or David Eickholt ( for questions and more information.

Downloadable Files: