How to link to the GrainGenes Database

    There are many ways to link your website or database to GrainGenes, including individual records and searches at various levels of resolution. Please let us know if you want to do something that isn't covered here.

    Linking to individual records

    Individual records are accessed via their class and name. Examples:

    The list of classes is available at /browse, which can be searched to find the names for records of interest. The values of class and name are case-sensitive, and class is always lower-case.

    Linking to the GrainGenes Database per se

    This can be useful when citing GrainGenes in a publication.


    Wildcard searches for groups of records of interest The wildcard character is ' * ' (asterisk), and the value of query is not case-sensitive. Examples:

    Power searches
    The most powerful searches on GrainGenes are the ones using the direct SQL interface. There are many potentially useful examples on the Quick Queries page. When you run an existing query, the whole query will be in your browser's Address bar. For example the Quick Query "Trait markers"
    gives this in the Address bar :


Which means:

-- Trait Markers
select as 2_Point_Data, as Gene, as Gene_Class
from twopointdata
  left join genetwopointdata on = genetwopointdata.twopointdataid
  left join gene on genetwopointdata.geneid =
  left join genegeneclass on = genegeneclass.geneid
  left join geneclass on genegeneclass.geneclassid =
where twopointdata.traitmarker = 1  
order by