Wheat Mapping Populations

It was decided at the IWGSC Coordinating Committee meeting in September, 2009, at Clermont-Ferrand, France, to compile a list of available wheat mapping populations as a resource for anchoring physical maps and for wheat researchers in general. As of February 10, 2010, the international wheat community contributed information on 55 mapping populations representing the various market classes and ploidy levels of wheat. The set includes 40 recombinant inbred and 14 doubled haploid populations along with one association mapping panel. Additional information is included for each population such as parentage, number of lines and mapped markers, segregating traits, references, and contact details to obtain more information or to request seed. To keep the database updated and current, we ask that the community provide information to Justin Faris (justin.faris@ars.usda.gov) regarding new mapping populations as they are developed and made publicly available.

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