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SNPs databases, divided by platform:

Axiom® 820K and 35K SNP Arrays: Along with researchers at Affymetrix, we have developed a '820,000' featured wheat SNP array. The background information for all these SNPs (Affymetrix code, Bristol SNP code and probe sequence containing the SNP ambiguity code) can be downloaded here.

iSelect Array: The iSelect Array contains over 80,000 SNP loci of which 44,000 have been mapped.

KASP probes: Optimised KASP technology to develop a SNPs database for wheat. KASP technology facilitates high throughput array based detection of sequence polymorhpisms.

TaqMan® probes: A collection of 4,800 TaqMan® SNP Assays for varietal markers within the wheat genome.

Draft genome assembly: A draft wheat genome assembly based on 5x coverage of 454 reads can be BLAST searched. Alternatively, the raw 454 reads may be searched using the same link.

Downloadable genome sequence reads