WheatExp : A Tool to Visualize Gene Expression in Wheat

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Presented is WheatExp, an expression database and visualization tool to analyze and compare homoeologue-specific transcript profiles across a broad range of tissues from different developmental stages in polyploid wheat. Beginning with publicly-available RNA-seq datasets, a pipeline was developed to distinguish between homoeologous transcripts from each annotated gene in the hexaploid bread wheat genome. We have processed and compiled data from multiple studies into a database which can be queried either by BLAST or by searching for a known gene of interest by name or functional domain. Expression data of multiple genes can be displayed side-by-side across all expression datasets providing immediate access to a comprehensive panel of high-quality expression data for specific subsets of wheat genes.

WheatExp is hosted on the GrainGenes website and can be accessed at the following URL /WheatExp/. This simple visualization tool will empower the wheat research community to access RNA-seq data and to perform functional analyses of target genes. We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions for additional datasets through email to either Stephen Pearce (sppearce@ucdavis.edu) or Hans Vazquez-Gross (havazquezgross@ucdavis.edu).