IWGSC Whole Genome Assembly now available to the scientific community

The IWGSC is pleased to announce that the Genome Assembly (IWGSC WGA) of bread wheat, *T. aestivum* cv Chinese Spring (ERGE 2135), based on Illumina short sequence reads assembled with NRGene's DeNovoMAGICTM software is now available at the IWGSC sequence repository hosted by URGI-INRA.

A BLAST server has been set up to facilitate rapid access to single or small numbers of queries. The data can also be downloaded from the URGI IWGSC repository.

The data are being made available before publication in accordance with the Toronto Agreement under which the IWGSC reserves the right to publish the first global analyses of the data. This includes descriptions of whole chromosome or genome-level analyses of genes, gene families, repetitive elements, and comparisons with other organisms.

Access does require registration and agreeing to the IWGSC General Data Access terms.

*Useful links:*

  • Web announcement details on the data available, how to access them and links to URGI BLAST
    and download
  • Press release: Wheat Sequencing Consortium Releases Key Resource to the Scientific Community

Best regards

The IWGSC team