March 2017: Hexaploid Oat Consensus Map

The consensus map for hexaploid oat (Avena sativa L.) from Chaffin et al. 2016 has been added to GrainGenes.

The consensus map was created from 12 biparental RIL populations. A total of 19 parents were used in the crosses in order to represent the diversity of North American hexaploid oat germplasm. Over 16,000 markers were mapped, with 7,202 markers forming a framework consensus (including 2965 markers from the 6K SNP array [Tinker et al. 2014], and 3695 from GBS [Huang et al., 2014]), and another 9,678 lower-confidence GBS markers that were placed subsequently. Analysis reveals that the oat genome has gone through significant chromosomal rearrangements.

View the GrainGenes Reference Report here and the consensus map set.