Wild Emmer Wheat genome assembly RefSeq v.1.0 (genotype Zavitan) is available

As a service to the Triticeae research community, the International Wild Emmer Wheat genome Sequencing Consortium (WEWseq) would like to provide pre-publication access to whole genome shotgun reference sequence (RefSeq v.1.0) assembly of the genotype 'Zavitan'.

More details can be found here: http://wewseq.wixsite.com/consortium

WEWseq is in the process of preparing to publish the data within this year. Please refer or contact Assaf Distelfeld to coordinate the data deposition

Assaf Distelfeld (Ph.D.)
Dept. Molecular Biology and Ecology of Plants,
The Institute for Cereal Crops Improvement, Room 205.
Tel-Aviv University, Israel 69978.

Posted on April 7, 2017.