May 2017: Tetraploid Wheat Consensus Map

The consensus map for tetraploid wheat (Triticum turgidum) from the Maccaferri et al. 2015 study has been added to GrainGenes and is available here.

The consensus map was assembled using genotypic data of 13 tetraploid wheat mapping populations including 1928 lines (1773 RILS and 155 DHs). Eight elite T.durum x T.durum populations, three T. durum x T. dicoccum populations, and two T.durum x T. dicoccoides populations were used to construct the map. A total of 29, 719 markers are in the consensus map available in GrainGenes (including 26 626 SNPs and 791 SSRs) half of which were present in at least two component maps. The thirteen biparental component maps are also available, and are listed on the Reference Report Page.