December 2017: Aegilops umbellulata 2017 Consensus Maps

The high-density consensus map consists of both markers with known genetic map position and SNP markers placed on the linkage maps using minimum recombination frequency values. Two F2 Ae. umbellulata populations were used for linkage map construction. The first consisted of 140 F2 individuals that were derived from a cross made between two accessions of Ae. umbellulata: PI 298905, from Manisa, Turkey, and resistant to wheat stem rust pathogen P. graminis f. sp. tritici race TTTTF (isolate 01MN84A-1-2), and PI 542369, from Usak, Turkey, and susceptible to race TTTTF. The second population of 142 F2 individuals was derived from a cross made between accessions PI 542375 (from Denizli, Turkey, and resistant to race TTTTF) and PI 554395 (from Diyarbakir, Turkey, and susceptible to race TTTTF). Markers were called from pooled GBS libraries of the two populations, sequenced on an Illumina HiSequation 2000 platform and processed using the UNEAK algorhithm in TASSEL 3.0

Visit this Map Data set at Ae.umbellulata, 2017 Consensus.

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