March 2018 : A Track for Transcription Factors and Protein Kinases added to the Barley Morex IBSC Genome Browser

High-confidence protein sequences from Beier et al. ( went through the iTAK bioinformatics pipeline to identify transcription factors, transcriptional regulators and protein kinases. The iTAK pipeline annotated 1455 protein kinases, 1882 transcription factors, and 457 transcriptional regulators. These results were added as a track to the Barley Morex IBSC Genome Browser at Check the iTAK predictions box on the left menu panel to load this track on the browser. Hovering over the marker will show the gene ID and gene class prediction.

iTAK, the Plant Transcription factor & Protein Kinase Identifier (, was developed by the Fei Lab at Boyce Thompson Institute and the USDA Robert W. Holley Center. For more information on the annotation pipeline see Zheng, et al.

The FASTA file used to generate this track was downloaded from IPK Gatersleben.
The file 160517_Hv_IBSC_PGSB_r1_proteins_HighConf_REPR_annotation.fasta.gz was used.