May 2018: GrainGenes gene pages link directly to MASWheat protocols.

MASWheat is an extensively curated site maintained at UC Davis by Jorge Dubcovsky and Marcelo Soria, assisting small grains researchers in the use marker-assisted selection for a wide range of traits. Its presentation in "natural language" is being translated into the GrainGenes relational schema for genes, markers, traits, references and germplasm.

The list below will grow as more GrainGenes reports are enriched with MASWheat's curated information and direct links to the protocols described there.

Leaf Rust

Stripe Rust

Stem Rust

Quality Traits
Y (Triticum) in GrainGenes was created with links and information for the Semolina color gene Y at MAS Wheat (Note: Lr19, Sr25 and Y are all linked via the distal region of the chromosome arm 7EL from Lophopyrum ponticum)