May 2018: Barley, USDA Core Collection, 2014 Consensus Maps

Maps from Munoz-Amatriain M et al. (2014) The USDA Barley Core Collection: genetic diversity, population structure, and potential for genome-wide association studies. PLoS ONE 9:e94688 have been added to GrainGenes. These contain markers from the POPA collections that were not advanced to the BOPA sets as well as the BOPA1 and BOPA2 marker sets. To reconcile the rich history of marker naming for these SNPs, synonyms were created for all markers that link to all other forms of the marker name. Common probe links will enable all map sets utilizing these markers to correspond via CMap. Markers were added to the GrainGenes map sets using the combined name, (ex. BOPA1_11_10002, which has the synonyms : 11_10002, POPA1_0002, and BOPA1_10070-1435. The last version of the marker name reflects the unigene in the HarvEST 32 assembly, followed by the SNP position). This map set is available at