June 2018: Oat 2018 Consensus map added to GrainGenes

An update of the hexaploid Oat consensus map set containing 99,846 markers was added to GrainGenes. Working closely with Nick Tinker and Charlene Wight at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), a Google doc was created for collaboration and all markers were carefully curated, including 93,560 avgbs (Avena GBS) markers. A review of legacy markers in this project (RFLP, SSR, SNP, genes) initiated a massive locus reconciliation project for GrainGenes that resulted in the update of over 100,000 additional markers.
These maps were originally published in Bekele, et al. (2018) Haplotype based genotyping-by-sequencing in oat genome research. Plant Biotechnology Journal. 12888
Data for the 2018 Oat Consensus map is in GrainGenes at https://wheat.pw.usda.gov/cgi-bin/GG3/report.cgi?class=mapdata;query=oat...