October 2018: Spring Wheat Nested Association (NAM) Maps are in GrainGenes.

The Spring Wheat Nested Association Mapping (NAM) population based on 2100 recombinant inbred lines from 28 families was used to construct 588 chromosome-specific genetic maps. With each population reporting ~50,000 markers, this work contributes ~1,400,000 markers to the GrainGenes collection. Many of these markers were previously entered as probes / sequences for the IWA and IWB marker collection. GrainGenes curators will be working in the coming weeks to connect these markers and fill in the data for new markers.
The base maps are reported here from Jordan et al . Complete map data is available from the Kansas State University's Wheat Genomics Data Directory

Links to all MapData records can also be found at the Reference Report for TPJ-95-1039.

A description of line derivation and their submission to the NSGC is described by N Blake et al., (2019 in press).

Berkut is a drought tolerant cultivar from Mexico developed by CIMMYT and is the common parent for all populations. Click here to visit the germplasm page at GRIS.

Links to the MapData Reports for all NAM populations:
Wheat-2018-NAM1-Berkut-x-DharwarDry. DharwarDry is cultivar from Central India developed by CIMMYT.
Wheat-2018-NAM2-Berkut-x-PI572692. PI572692 is a landrace from Georgia (Eastern Europe).
Wheat-2018-NAM3-Berkut-x-PI283147. PI283147 is a landrace from Jordon.
Wheat-2018-NAM4-Berkut-x-PI366716. PI366716 is a landrace from Ghowr, Afghanistan.
Wheat-2018-NAM5-Berkut-x-PI382150. PI382150 (syn: Inayama) is a landrace from Kyoto, Japan.
Wheat-2018-NAM6-Berkut-x-PI470817. PI470817 is a landrace from Algeria
Wheat-2018-NAM7-Berkut-x-PI565213. PI565213 is a landrace from Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Wheat-2018-NAM8-Berkut-x-PBW343. PBW343 is a widely cultivated variety in India
Wheat-2018-NAM9-Berkut-x-Vida. Vida (syn: PI565333) is a cultivar from Bulgaria.
Wheat-2018-NAM10-Berkut-x-PI9791. PI9791 is landrace from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Wheat-2018-NAM11-Berkut-x-CItr4175. CItr4175 (syns: Candeal, Saracen) is a landrace from the Philippines.
Wheat-2018-NAM12-Berkut-x-CItr11223. CItr11223 is a landrace from Croatia.
Wheat-2018-NAM13-Berkut-x-PI262611. PI262611 (syn: Kysyldzha) is a landrace from Turkmenistan.
Wheat-2018-NAM14-Berkut-x-PI70613. PI70613 is a landrace from Heilongjiang, China.
Wheat-2018-NAM15-Berkut-x-CItr7635. CItr7635 is a landrace from the Russian Federation.
Wheat-2018-NAM16-Berkut-x-PI8813. PI8813 is a landrace from Iraq.
Wheat-2018-NAM17-Berkut-x-PI82469. PI82469 is a landrace from Pyongan Nam, North Korea.
Wheat-2018-NAM18-Berkut-x-CItr15144. CItr15144 is a landrace from Saudi Arabia.
Wheat-2018-NAM19-Berkut-x-PI43355. PI43355 is a landrace from Uruguay.
Wheat-2018-NAM20-Berkut-x-PI94567. PI94567 is a landrace from Isreal.
Wheat-2018-NAM23-Berkut-x-PI192001. PI192001 is a landrace from Angola.
Wheat-2018-NAM24-Berkut-x-PI192147. PI192147 is a landrace from Ethiopia.
Wheat-2018-NAM25-Berkut-x-CItr15134. CItr15134 is a landrace from Pakistan.
Wheat-2018-NAM26-Berkut-x-PI185715. PI185715 is a landrace from Portalegre, Portugal.
Wheat-2018-NAM27-Berkut-x-PI192569. PI192569 is a landrace from Varmland, Sweden.
Wheat-2018-NAM28-Berkut-x-PI210945. PI210945 is a landrace from Cyprus.
Wheat-2018-NAM29-Berkut-x-PI220431. PI220431 is a landrace from Egypt.
Wheat-2018-NAM30-Berkut-x-PI278297. PI278297 is a landrace from Crete, Greece.