February - April 2019: Durum QTL added to GrainGenes

The Durum cv. Svevo Browser includes a QTL track with ~2100 encoded quantitative trait loci with abundant primary curation (i.e. references, traits, significant markers, and population information). At GrainGenes, these QTL are undergoing a 'secondary curation' after reviewing the primary reference.  The encoded QTL are linked to synonyms that are created to align with original names if possible, or with GrainGenes QTL nomenclature (i.e. Qtrait.population-chromosome.extension).  QTL are then grouped into 'Trait Studies' to reflect the biparental population or GWAS collection. Links to the 'Trait Studies' will be added to this page as curation of the QTL sets are complete and loaded onto GrainGenes.

April 18, 2019.

76 QTL from Graziani et al. (2014) QTL dissection of yield components and morpho-physiological traits in a durum wheat elite population tested in contrasting thermo-pluviometric conditions. Trait Study: Yield and Morpho-physiological traits, Kofa x Svevo, Graziani2014

25 QTL from Golabadi et al. (2011)Identification of microsatellite markers linked with yield components under drought stress at terminal growth stages in durum wheat. Trait Study: Yield under drought, Oste-Gata x Massara-1, Golabadi2011

4 QTL from Gonzalez-Hernandez et al. (2004). Mapping genes for grain protein concentration and grain yield on chromosome 5B of Triticum turgidum (L.) var. dicoccoides. Trait Study: Grain protein, Langdon 5B disomics, Gonzalez-Hernandez2004

1 QTL from Gonzalez-Hernandez et al. (2009). A quantitative trait locus on chromosome 5B controls resistance of Triticum turgidum (L.) var. diccocoides to Stagonospora nodorum blotch. Trait Study: Stagonospora nodorum blotch, Langdon 5B disomics, Gonzalez-Hernandez2009

1 QTL from Ji et al. (2008) Identification and genetic mapping of a powdery mildew resistance gene in wild emmer ( Triticum dicoccoides ) accession IW72 from Israel. Trait Study: Powdery mildew, Mo75 x IW72, Ji2008

1 QTL from Singh et al. (2010) Inheritance and chromosome location of leaf rust resistance in durum wheat cultivar Wollaroi. Trait Study: Leaf rust, Wollaroi x Bansi, Singh2010

Week of April 8, 2019.

34 QTL from Faris et al. (2014a). Analysis of agronomic and domestication traits in a durum x cultivated emmer wheat population using a high-density single nucleotide polymorphism-based linkage map. Trait Study: Agronomic and Domestication traits, Ben x PI41025, Faris2014a

1 QTL from Faris et al. (2014b) Map-based analysis of the tenacious glume gene Tg-B1 of wild emmer and its role in wheat domestication. Trait Study: Threshability, Langdon x LDN521, Faris2014b

3 QTL from Faris et al. (2014c) Molecular and comparative mapping of genes governing spike compactness from wild emmer wheat. Trait Study: Spike compactness, Langdon x LDNIsA-2A, Faris2014c

5 QTL from Zhang et al. (2012) Genetic map of Triticum turgidum based on a hexaploid wheat population without genetic recombination for D genome. Trait Study: Spike traits, SynDH1, Zhang2012

16 QTL from Mori et al. (2013) Molecular genetic analysis of domestication traits in emmer wheat. I: Map construction and QTL analysis using an F2 pupulation [sic]. Trait Study: Domestication traits, KU7309 x KU8736A, Thanh2013

2 QTL from Salsman et al. (2018). Development and validation of molecular markers for grain cadmium in durum wheat. Trait Study: Cadmium content, durum breeding lines, Salsman2016

5 QTL from Marone et al. (2013) Genetic basis of qualitative and quantitative resistance to powdery mildew in wheat: from consensus regions to candidate genes. Trait Study: Powdery mildew, Creso x Pedroso, Marone2013

1 QTL from Maxwell et al. (2010) MlAB10: A Triticum turgidum subsp. dicoccoides derived powdery mildew resistance gene identified in common wheat. Trait Study: Powdery mildew, NCAB10 x Saluda, Maxwell2010

1 QTL from Zhu et al. (2004) Identification and microsatellite markers of a resistance gene to powdery mildew in common wheat introgressed from Triticum durum. Trait Study: Powdery mildew, DR147/Ae14 x Laizhou953, Zhu2004

32 QTL synonyms added to QTL from Colasuonno et al. (2017) The carotenoid biosynthetic and catabolic genes in wheat and their association with yellow pigments. This was previously curated as separate trait studies for all traits / years. A new traitstudy record to combine all QTL from this paper is here: Semolina Yellow Traits, AABB Collection, Colasuonno2017

Week of March 18, 2019.

1 QTL from Liu et al. (2017a) Conferring resistance to pre-harvest sprouting in durum wheat by a QTL identified in Triticum spelta. Trait Study: Pre-harvest sprouting, Lang x CSCR6, Liu2017a

16 QTL from Liu et al. (2017b) Genome-wide association mapping for seedling and field resistance to Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici in elite durum wheat. Trait Study: Stripe rust resistance, elite durum collection, Liu2017b

37 QTL from Liu et al. (2017c) Genome-wide association mapping reveals a rich genetic architecture of stripe rust resistance loci in emmer wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccum). Trait Study: Stripe rust resistance, emmer wheat, Liu2017c

80 QTL from Liu et al. (2017d) Novel Sources of Stripe Rust Resistance Identified by Genome-Wide Association Mapping in Ethiopian Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. durum). Trait Study: Stripe rust resistance, Ethiopian durums, Liu2017d

Week of March 13, 2019.

3 QTL from Kumar et al. (2018) High-density genetic mapping of a major QTL for resistance to multiple races of loose smut in a tetraploid wheat cross. Trait Study: Smut resistance, Blackbird x Strongfield, Kumar2018

1 QTL from Oladzad-Abbasabadi et al. (2018) Identification and Validation of a New Source of Low Grain Cadmium Accumulation in Durum Wheat. Trait Study: Cadmium uptake, Divide x D041735, Oladzad-Abbasabadi2018

48 QTL from Iannucci et al. (2017) Mapping QTL for Root and Shoot Morphological Traits in a Durum Wheat x T. dicoccum Segregating Population at Seedling Stage. Trait Study: Root and Shoot Morphology, Simeto x Molise Colli, Ianucci2017

10 QTL from Blanco et al. (2011) Quantitative trait loci for yellow pigment concentration and individual carotenoid compounds in durum wheat. Trait Study: Semolina yellow traits, Latino x Primadur, Blanco2011

22 QTL from Blanco et al. (2012) Relationships between grain protein content and grain yield components through quantitative trait locus analyses in a recombinant inbred line population derived from two elite durum wheat cultivars. Trait Study: Grain protein and yield, Svevo x Ciccio, Blanco2012

95 QTL from Mengistu et al. (2016) High-density molecular characterization and association mapping in Ethiopian durum wheat landraces reveals high diversity and potential for wheat breeding. Trait Study: Agronomic traits, Ethiopian durums, Mengistu2016

51 QTL from Giraldo et al. (2016) Genetic Diversity and Association Mapping for Agromorphological and Grain Quality Traits of a Structured Collection of Durum Wheat Landraces Including subsp. durum, turgidum and diccocon. Trait Study: Agromorphology and grain quality, Spanish tetraploid landraces, Giraldo2016

79 QTL from Soriano et al. (2017) Dissecting the old Mediterranean durum wheat genetic architecture for phenology, biomass and yield formation by association mapping and QTL meta-analysis. Trait Study: Yield, Phenology, Biomass, Mediterranean durums, Soriano2017

6 QTL from Blanco et al. (2002) Detection of grain protein content QTLs across environments in tetraploid wheats. Trait Study: Grain protein, Messapia x T.dicoccoides, Blanco2002

38 QTL from Aoun et al. (2016) Genome-wide association mapping of leaf rust response in a durum wheat worldwide Germplasm collection. Trait Study: Leaf rust, GWAS on World durum collection, Aoun2016

Week of March 4, 2019.  

28 QTL from Giancaspro et al. (2016) Mapping QTLs for Fusarium Head Blight Resistance in an Interspecific Wheat Population. Trait Study: Fusarium QTL, Saragolla x 02-5B-318, Giancaspro2016

6 QTL from Naz et al. (2012) Advanced backcross quantitative trait locus analysis in winter wheat: Dissection of stripe rust seedling resistance and identification of favorable exotic alleles originated from a primary hexaploid wheat (Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccoides x Aegilops tauschii). Trait Study: Stripe rust seedling resistance, Zentos x Syn86L, Naz2012 .

72 QTL from Mangini et al. (2018) Genetic dissection of the relationships between grain yield components by genome-wide association mapping in a collection of tetraploid wheats.   Trait Study: Grain yield components, tetraploid collection, Mangini2018

4 QTL from Velu G et al. (2017) QTL mapping for grain zinc and iron concentrations and zinc efficiency in a tetraploid and hexaploid wheat mapping populations.   Trait Study: Zn and Fe, Saricanak98 x MM 5/4, Velu2017

February 26, 2019.

6 QTL from Maccaferri M et al. (2008a) A major QTL for durable leaf rust resistance widely exploited in durum wheat breeding programs maps on the distal region of chromosome arm 7BL.  Trait Study: Reaction to leaf rust, Colosseo x Lloyd, Maccaferri 2008a

86 QTL from Maccaferri M et al. (2011) Association mapping in durum wheat grown across a broad range of water regimes.    Trait Study: Agronomic traits, elite durum cultivars IDuWUE, Maccaferri 2011

February 21, 2019.

220 QTL from Maccaferri M et al. (2016) Prioritizing quantitative trait loci for root system architecture in tetraploid wheat.

34 QTL from Maccaferri M et al. (2014) A consensus framework map of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) suitable for linkage disequilibrium analysis and genome-wide association mapping.   Trait Study: Heading date, elite durum cultivars, Maccaferri2014

20 QTL from Maccaferri M et al. (2008) Quantitative Trait Loci for Grain Yield and Adaptation of Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) Across a Wide Range of Water Availability .  Trait Study: Agronomic traits, Kofa x Svevo, Maccaferri2008b