2nd Asia-Pacific Grains Conference, Tianjin, China

The 2nd ICC Asia Pacific Grain Conference will be held in Tianjin Xinmao Tiancai Hotel from November 7th to 9th, 2019.

The theme of the conference is “Food Technology and Innovation: From Asia Pacific to the World” and will be hosted by the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC) and Tianjin University of Commerce (TJCU). More than 200 experts and scholars from all over the world will attend the conference, which is of great significance to promote the innovation and sustainable development of the grain industry.

The main topics of this meeting include “Advances in Cereal Production and Breeding; Novel Cereal Processing technology; Grain Storage and Safety; Commercialisation of Novel Grain Food Products; Grains for Human Nutrition; Functional Compound from Grain Products; Grain Quality and Assurance; Industrial Utilisation of Grains; Noodle and Bread Technology; Regulatory aspects of Grain export and import; Oriental Traditional Food; Wheat Processing and Wheat Products; Rice Processing and Rice Products; Miscellaneous Bean Food; Potato Food Development; Whole Grain Food Status and Challenges; Non-practical Technology and Utilization of Grain ; Grain and Oil Raw Material Processing Suitability Evaluation; Information Technology and Grain Science & Technology; New Varieties of Oils and Fats; Definition of Functional Oils and Human Health; Quality and Safety of Oil Products; Special Oils”.

For more information: http://www.apgc2019.icc.or.at/en/#


Nov 7 2019 to Nov 9 2019