USDA-ARS Research Geneticist (Plants) in Columbia, Missouri

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Plant Genetics Research Unit, Columbia, Missouri, invites applications for a Research Geneticist (Plants) position GS-0440-12/13 ($74,596.00-$115,313 per annum).

A scientist is needed to develop and refine genetic, genomic and bioinformatics approaches and resources in corn and small grains needed to contribute to the understanding of the genetic bases of plant growth, plant productivity and insect resistance; identify and characterize genes, both qualitative and quantitative, affecting maize and small grain productivity; develop molecular genetic resources for improving genetic analysis in maize and small grains and characterize and manipulate genetic resources through the application of molecular, quantitative and statistical genetics and bioinformatics-based strategies. The job opportunity announcement is anticipated to be open during the month of August and will be advertised on The ideal candidate has published research related to identifying and characterizing genes affecting maize and small grain productivity such as drought tolerance, root architecture and growth, reproductive development, plant pathogen interactions, insect resistance, and/or any of the many other traits that impact crop productivity and yield with long-term benefit to US growers. This is a competitive, career/career-conditional appointment and U.S. citizenship is required.

For more detailed information on this listing, please contact Dr. Bruce Hibbard; The USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

Time remaining: 90%
27/01/2020 (5 months)