Interdisciplinary Research Molecular Biologist/ Plant Physiologist/ Geneticist (Plants) at USDA-ARS in Pullman, WA

The USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Wheat Health, Genetics, and Quality Research Unit, Pullman, WA is seeking a permanent, full-time Research Molecular Biologist/ Plant Physiologist/ Geneticist (Plants) (GS-0401/0435/0440-12/13). Salary ranges from $74,596 to $115,313 per annum.

Incumbent conducts research on the biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology of wheat grain from development through dormancy and germination to identify the underlying molecular mechanisms of low falling numbers (FN) in wheat. Leads efforts to identify the enzymes produced during wheat grain development and germination contributing to low FN, defines the mechanisms controlling enzyme expression, and develops tests to detect the presence of these enzymes. Conducts research to distinguish between late maturity alpha-amylase (LMA) and pre-harvest sprouting (PHS). Advanced knowledge of biochemistry, molecular biology, plant physiology, enzyme function, proteomics and protein regulation is desirable. Incumbent will collaborate with other ARS and university scientists. Incumbent is responsible for planning and conducting personal research, interpreting results, preparing manuscripts, preparing annual reports, and management of project resources and extramural grants; and providing technical information and consultations on research projects within ARS and with partners in universities, private foundations, and industry.

A Ph.D. in one of the following disciplines: Biochemistry, Plant Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Physiology or related field of study is preferred.

For information on the position contact David M. Weller, Research Leader at 509-335-6210 or 509-595-1498 ( For a full text of the vacancy announcement and application forms, and to apply, refer to the vacancy website at and search for Vacancy Announcement Number ARS-D19PWA-10588229-KA.

This vacancy is open for application on August 29, 2019. Applications must be received by 11:59 EST on September 29, 2019. U.S. Citizenship is required. USDA/ARS is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

Time remaining: 90%
01/03/2020 (5 months)