August 2019: New Batch Queries

The GrainGenes team has added several new pre-made queries in the Batch SQL Interface page (Tools - Advanced Queries). Selecting a query from the dropdown menu will populate the QTL query box with the query. Top lines will include instructions and examples. Enter a list of up to 10,000 names to query in the lower text box.

Here are the batch queries now available on GrainGenes:

  • Mapped ESTs from Affymetrix wheat contigs
  • Map locations of sequences
  • Map locations of similar sequences
  • Author addresses
  • Genes (class, alleles, pathology, loci, chromosome, map germplasm)
  • Loci (mapping, genes, probe)
  • Loci (orthologs, probe) New!
  • Probes (mapping, sequence)
  • Probes and corresponding QTL
  • Probes (PCR primers, sequence) New!
  • Trait (QTL, markers, maps) New!
  • QTL (traits, markers, maps) New!