Wheat Gene Catalog Curation (Ongoing)

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This year, the GrainGenes curation team is working toward a complete representation of the data in the Wheat Gene Catalog (WGC) into the interactive SQL database at GrainGenes. New gene classes, genes, loci, maps, references and germplasm records are being created to accommodate these data and links to the Komugi database are added to gene class, gene, and allele records. All links below are to the GrainGenes SQL database unless otherwise noted.

This list will be edited often so check back frequently to follow along on this huge curation project at GrainGenes!
Genes listed here are in the order they appear in the WGC. Scroll down to see the newest additions.

Gross Morphology: Spike Characteristics data at Komugi

Abscisic acid accumulation data at Komugi

Alkylresorcinol content data at Komugi

Aluminum tolerance data at Komugi

Anthocyanin pigmentation data at Komugi

Awnedness data at Komugi

Basal sterility in speltoids data at Komugi only.

Blue aleurone data at Komugi.

Brittle rachis data at Komugi

Brittle culm data at Komugi

Boron tolerance data at Komugi

Cadmium uptake data at Komugi

Chlorophyll Abnormalities data at Komugi

Cleistogamous Flowering data at Komugi only.

Copper efficiency data at Komugi

Pre-harvest Sprouting genes at Komugi

  • Pre-harvest Sprouting gene class
  • Germination Index genes at Komugi

  • Germination Index gene class

    Vivipary genes at Komugi

  • Vivipary gene class

    Earliness per se genes at Komugi

  • Earliness per se gene class
  • Frost resistance genes at Komugi

  • Frost resistance gene class
  • Vernalization geneclass at Komugi