November 2019: New Wheat Chromosome and Genome Maps for WGC Genes

As the GrainGenes curation team is curating genes from the Catalog of Gene Symbols for Wheat (WGC), we are creating interactive maps whenever possible.
These maps display the genes in their mapped locus positions and are added to the GrainGenes collection of maps to utilize in CMap, the comparative mapping tool.

All genes updated in this effort can be found at this GrainGenes Update page.

A GrainGenes Web Page with links to the WGC supplements is here

New Maps September - October 2019
Wheat 2008, Coda x Brundage, C gene maps the C locus; the C (Triticum) gene in the Compactum gene class

Wheat 2008, Corrigin x CS(T2D), C gene maps the C locus; the C (Triticum) gene in the Compactum gene class

Wheat, P Gene, 2002 maps the P-A^pet^1 and P-A^pol^1 loci; the P1 (Triticum) gene is a synonym in the Elongated glume gene class.

Wheat, Branched spike gene, 2009 maps the mrs1(bh-D1) locus; the bh-D1 (Triticum) gene in the Branched spike gene class.

Durum Wheat, Anthocyanin, 2010 maps the following:

Wheat, 2006, purple grain maps the following in the Purple grain/pericarp gene class:

Wheat, 2002, coleoptile color maps the following loci in the Red/purple coleoptile gene class.

Wheat, 2008, B Tolerance maps the Bo1 locus; the Bo1 (Triticum) gene in the Boron tolerance gene class.

New Maps November - December 2019 (ongoing)
Wheat, Cadmium 5B, 2010 maps the Cdu1 locus; the Cdu1 (Triticum) gene in the Cadmium update gene class.