Postdoctoral Fellow in Perennial Wheat at Oklahoma State University

A full-time Postdoctoral Fellow position in Plant and Soil Sciences, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, U.S.A., is immediately available to finish up an exciting project which would probably lead to a breakthrough to the development of perennial wheat. Perennial wheat provides numerous benefits such as reducing labor costs, mitigating soil erosion, reducing dependence on fossil fuel, and improving the ecological resilience of wheat production; but little is known about the genetic basis and molecular mechanism of perennial regrowth habit in wheat. All the current perennial wheat cultivars and advanced lines developed since about 1930 have undesired spring regrowth habit regardless of growth habit, resulting in weak perenniality and sharp decline in productivity in following years. In our previous studies, we used CRISPR/Cas9 to have edited several potential genes that may associate with the perennial regrowth habit. The new postdoctoral fellow is expected to work on the project with three specific aims to: 1) incorporate edited genes/alleles into the same plants; 2) phenotype regrowth habit and relevant traits of the edited plants; 3) understand genetic and biochemical mechanisms of the genes underling the perennial regrowth habit in wheat. Additionally, the postdoctoral fellow will be involved in research activities in wheat genetics and breeding programs in Oklahoma Wheat Improvement Team.

This position requires a Ph.D. in plant genetics, plant transformation, or related discipline. The candidate will have excellent research skills, written and oral communication skills to work collaboratively with scientists in The Land Institute. Experience in transgenic plants is preferred. Hands-on experience in gene function validating is desirable.

Salary and benefits will be competitive with other leading land grant universities and commensurate with training and experience. This project is financially supported by the Perennial Agriculture Project, and continuation is subject to performance, need, and available funding.

03/09/2020 or until a suitable candidate is found.

03/09/2020, or when a candidate is identified.

The Perennial Agriculture Project is a joint-project of the Malone Family Land Preservation Foundation and The Land Institute ( The Project seeks to accelerate the transition to perennial agriculture through the development of perennial grain crops and multi-species cropping arrangements.

Applicants should apply at For full consideration, individuals interested in applying should submit the following materials: 1. a cover letter describing how the qualifications and experience are met to conduct the projects; 2. curriculum vitae; 3. Contact information for three references, by email or mail to Ms. Lesleigh Dexter (, Plant and Soil Sciences, Oklahoma State University, 369 Agricultural Hall, Stillwater, OK 74078-6028. Additional information for this position can be requested to Dr. Liuling Yan (

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Time remaining: 21%
16/08/2020 (1 month)