Cultivar Development Manager, USDA ARS Western Wheat Quality Lab, Pullman, WA. GS-9/11

The Western Wheat Quality Lab is a leader in the end-use quality and genetics of wheat and other grains. The Lab’s mission is two-fold: to cooperatively develop new wheat cultivars, and to conduct cutting edge basic and applied research to enhance wheat quality and utilization in the western U.S.

The current vacancy is responsible for the day-to-day supervision and management of extensive physical and chemical analyses of wheat grain and flour, including the preparation of breads, cookies, cakes, and noodles. The Lab performs complete milling and baking analyses on ca. 4,500 wheat samples each year in soft white, club, hard red spring, hard red winter, and hard white classes.

Major Duties:
-Serves as the leader of the cultivar development team in which the incumbent is responsible for coordinating flow of samples, data, proximate analysis, end-product analysis and personnel assignments throughout the analytical process.
- Evaluates new varieties and new experimental wheat selections for processing and functional baking properties. Results of these investigations enable geneticists and wheat breeders to be more effective in breeding high quality wheats for commercial production.
-Develops improved and modified processing and baking methods for maintaining or improving end-use functional and nutritional quality and decreasing processing costs.
-Serves as a specialist in modifying, adapting or developing new methods, procedures and techniques in wheat quality analysis.
-Hires and trains physical science technicians and lower-level food technologists in the methods and instruments used in the laboratory.
-Supports the director in occupational health and safety, EEO, time and attendance, leave, procurement and other support activities.
-Represents the laboratory in wheat use industry forums to provide information and learn about wheat quality.
-Participates in research projects by providing technical expertise and drafting manuscripts.
-Promotes the mission of the laboratory through public speaking engagements and acting as an informal consultant to people in the wheat use industry.
-Plans and organizes funded research projects that evaluate industry acceptance of later generation breeding lines and newly released varieties.

Desired qualifications:
- Knowledge of the characteristics of individual wheat classes and properties desired in commercial end-use channels.
- Knowledge of cereal chemistry, baking technology, milling technology, food science, and analytical methods and procedures.
- Skill and knowledge in operation and maintenance of laboratory equipment associated with wheat quality and cereal chemistry.
- Knowledge of mathematics, statistics and modeling as well as a working knowledge of computer-driven statistical and graphics packages.
- Skill in presenting results clearly and concisely orally or as a manuscript or report.

The work requires long periods of standing, physical dexterity, and a high degree of mental concentration to make measurements, analyze data, etc., as observed during the course of tests. Majority of work is performed in a laboratory, pilot-plant and office setting.

Contact Dr. Craig F. Morris, Director, Western Wheat Quality Lab.

Time remaining: 62%
28/10/2020 (3 months)