Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat

Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat (a.k.a. Wheat Gene Catalogue, WGC)

The Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat, a.k.a. the Wheat Gene Catalogue (WGC) is a resource of accepted gene and QTL names, mapping and germplasm information, and laboratory designations for markers. The Catalogue is published in whole periodically with yearly supplements by a committee of experts in wheat research. Komugi, the Wheat Genetics Resources Database of Japan, currently hosts an electronic version of the catalog and supplements. All genes and QTL from the WGC have been added to the WheatIS centralized hub of wheat information for researchers.

The beginning of the 2013 edition of WGC ("Introduction") contains guidelines for gene nomenclature. Following these guidelines will provide standardization and uniformity in the literature. It is important to remember that full-assemblies for wheat and other small grains were made available in the last couple of years, and it would be very helpful to other researchers if authors associate their genes of their interest with gene models in their publications (for example with TraesCSXXXXXXXXXXXXX gene models in the IWGSC assemblies). The 2013 WGC introduction is available here (starting on page 9).

Ongoing Curation of WGC by GrainGenes
In 2019 the GrainGenes curation team began to systematically curate all genes and ancillary information from the WGC into the MySQL GrainGenes database. Click here for the GrainGenes update page to follow the progress.

WGC Documents in GrainGenes

The pdfs of WGC and MacGene documents are available at

Links to Complete and Supplemental Publications (both to Komugi and GrainGenes)