DNA Marker Type Used

SSR markers:The protocol we use to generate SSR genotyping data can be found in this document.

SNP markers:Two diffenert SNP genotyping assay methods are used.

  • Infinium Assay- The iSelect custom designed chips are available for wheat containing 9K and 90K SNPs, barley containing 50K SNPs, and oat containing 6K SNPs. For labs intend to use these high density SNP arrays, please check the protocol regarding how to prepare and submit DNA plates to Fargo.
  • KASP assay- The KASP genotyping assay can genotype one SNP marker at a time, and is suitable for genotyping breeding lines with markers associated with specific traits.

Sequence-based markers:Sequencing libraries are prepared and sequenced on Illumina's NextSeq 500 instrument based on sequencing-by-synthesis chemistry. Generally, the number of reads produced is 400M if using the high output 150-cycle chemistry, and 150M if using the mid output 150-cyle chemistry. The read length is at 150 bases.

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